Kingfisher Paddleventures

Watching the sun rise with someone you love is a magical experience. For many of us, sunrises symbolize renewal, fresh starts, or opportunity. For others, it’s simply a beautiful spectacle with great colors and interesting light. And if you’re like me, the sunrise is all these things and more.

Now take that magic on the water.

Being in, on, or near water is known to improve our physical health, mental health, and relationships. It is, quite literally, in our bones and blood. Science reinforces this knowledge with very strong evidence. But we don’t need data to see the truth of water’s benefits; the positive effects are evident. It’s an idea called Blue Mind, which basically says that humans are drawn to and thrive when they are in or near water.

Here at Kingfisher, we see the effects of Blue Mind every day, in every customer. We see people smile, laugh, open up, share, help, and fall in love (sometimes for the first time, others for the millionth). We also see something else: people form a connection with the place they paddle or the activity itself. More on that in future posts.

What I wrote above about falling in love brings me back to where I started with this post. See, the woman in the photo is my wife, Skye. And I know firsthand about the magic of watching sunrise from a kayak with someone you love. I first fell in love with her while we were kayaking the Broad River near Athens, GA, and although I’ve fallen in love with her a million different times in as many different places, there’s something uniquely special about the times we’ve been on the water together.

So, there you go: a little insight into what’s going on behind the scenes at Kingfisher Paddleventures. I really don’t know if the water works it’s magic the same way for Skye, but for me, the time we share on the water is powerful. I highly recommend trying it for yourself.


Source:  Kingfisher Facebook post